Molecular Biology material lecture


Four major characteristics for a molecule to serve as genetic material: replication, storage, expression, and Mutation.

  1.  Replication,  The genetic material has to be able to replicate, so that exact copies can be passed down to the daughter cells during cell cycles
  2. Storage, DNA sequences serve as a repository of all hereditary characteristics. All cells contain complete genome but only one part of it is expressed at a certain time. Gene expression may be cell specific and time specific.
  3. Expression, Is a complex process of information flow.
    It starts with DNA transcription, which gives rise  to mRNA, tRNA and rRNA.  mRNA is than   translated into a protein product. Genetic central dogma:   DNA –> RNA –> Protein


1. lect 1 Basics of Molecular Biology

2. lect 2 CELL structure-PAT REV

3. lecture 3 DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis (great)

4. Lecture4-Gene regulatory